News and Updates




In 2023 we applied to the Youth Investment Fund for a grant to complete a number of projects at Waterside Lodge.  At the end of 2023 we we recieved the fantastic news that the application had been successful and we had been awarded £25,000.

In March 2024 we were able to complete some of the projects. These were replacing the rusting steel roller shutter doors on the storage garages in the back yard, refurbishing the outdoor shower room and updating the electrics on the Paddlesport containers.

Further projects will be completed over the next few months.  These will be replacing the rotting sleepers on the waterfront, repairing the rendering on the main building and completing the painting of the roof of the main building.

We are very grateful to the Youth Investment Fund part of the Digital Media Culture and Sport government department for this grant.  It has allowed us to carry out major refurbishment projects that we would have been difficult for us to fund.  It will make the whole site better and safer for all those using Waterside Lodge.




March 2022    

We are very gratefull to the Chilren in Need – Youth Investment Fund for a sustantial grant.  This has allowed us to do the following: –

Purchase 10 Stand Up Paddleboards meaning we can introduce a new activity at Waterside Lodge.

Purchase 2 double sit-on kayaks meaning we are able to get people with a range of disabilities on the water, with an able bodied person when needed, so they can join the fun.

Replace our outdated CCTV with an up to date HD system.

Replace our old, inefficient heating and hot water boilers with new, efficient and more environmentally friendly boilers.


April 2022

We are grateful to the Sport England Storm Relief Fund for the award of £1000 to be used towards a new Water Equipment storage shed.

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Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls